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Vijay Armstrong is a clean, crisp, stylish and eloquent speaker. But his language transcends age, gender, language and national boundaries and can be understood by one and all. His language has no words, no phonetics, no written script but touches/moves/speaks to people across cultures.

His Language- Images 

The medium- his Camera

He has been commended by his co-workers and directors for being a natural eye behind the camera. His ability to understand the director’s vision and at the same time use lights, locations and subjects to bring characters to life and capture not only their performance but also the soul of the film into the camera has earned him rave reviews. His passion is seen in every bit of his work and currently he is doing what he does best, working behind the camera for Rajaguru’s ‘ONDIPULI’ , Vekatesh Perumal's 'SUTTI' and Vetrivel’s ‘BUDHAN YESU GANDHI’.

His previous works include:

'AZHAGU KUTTI CHELLAM' Tamil Feature Film - Directed By Charles

'THOTTAL THODARUM' Tamil Feature Film - Directed By Cable Shankar

'MATHI YOSI' Tamil Feature Film - Directed By Nantha Priyasamy

'POGAIPADAM' Tamil Feature Film - 
Directed by Rajesh Lingam former asst. to Dir.Selvaragavan.

I.L.O ( International Labour Organization ) about the Child labour.

'CHEDIYUM SERUMIUM' Tamil Short Film - 
Directed by 'Editor B.Lenin' National Wide Acclaimed Editor and National Award Winning Director.

'ENDLESS LOVE' Hindi/English Short Film - Directed by 'Janagi Viswanathan' National Award Winner for her Debut Film “Kutti”.

'DOTS – THE CURE FOR SURE' English Docu-Drama - Directed by 'Janagi Viswanathan'

Prior to this, he gained specialist knowledge and hands-on experience in the Cine field by working as an assistant/associate for leading camera-men including Mr. B. Kannan, Mr. Sidharth, Mr.C.J. Rajkumar, Mr. Dwaraganath, Mr. S.R. Kathir and Mr. Moorthi . In a relatively short amount of time, he earned the respect of artists, directors, cameramen, photographers, and technicians alike. A detailed list of his work is given below:

Associate Cinematographer

'CINEMA' Hindi Film Associated to Mr.B.Kannan, Cinematographer. 
Directed by 'Mr.Barathi Raja'

'Yaradi Nee Mogini' Associated to Mr.Sidharth, Cinematographer.

'Varalaru' Associated to Mr.Moorthi, Cinematographer.

'IYYAR I.P.S' Tamil Film.Associated to Mr.B.Kannan, Cinematographer. Directed by 'Mr.Mangai Harirajan'.

'KANAVU MAI PADA VENDUM' Tamil Film. Associated to 'Mr.C.J,Rajkumar', Cinematographer.Directed by 'Mrs. Janagi Viswanathan' National Award Winner for her Debut Film 'Kutti'.

'JOCKPOT' Hindi Film.Associated to 'Mr.S.R.Kathiir', Cinematographer. Directed by 'Mr.Sameeth Badkar'.

Associated to 'Mr.B.Kannan', Cinematographer. Directed by 'Mr.Elango' and “Mr.Mangai Harirajan”

Assistant Cinematographer

'AUTOGRAPH' Tamil Film. Assist to 'Mr.Dwaraganath' , Cinematographer. Directed and Acted by 'Mr.Cheran'

His Beginnings

Vijay got into the creative art at a rather young age. Though he started out with a law degree, he kept his passion for creativity / images alive with a Diploma in Multimedia. His stint as a student photo journalist for the Vikatan Group and his job as a ‘Graphic and Web Designer’ for Digit Net Communications Bangalore only served to feed his creative vision and hunger. But throughout all this, he was always looking out for something more- A canvas that could take his visual story-telling to the next level.

He next dabbed into ad films. He has a wide repertoire of high-profile clients who have time and again marveled at his creativity and professionalism. He has worked as a main camera man and as an associate for over 50 ad films including 'Murugan Idly' , 'S.M.Silks', 'Jayachandiran Textiles', 'Nallur Kumaran Silks, Canada', 'Sri Lakshmi Jewellery, Thiruchi', 'Sumangali Jewellery, Kovai' , 'Chennai Silks' and 'TCDS Computer Education'.

His skills behind the camera soon got him several assignments including work for over 15 documentaries including the BBC documentary about PT Usha and another one for the ILO. He has also worked on a music video ‘Timeless Classics’ – A Malayalam album directed by Mr.Jayaram.

For him, it’s not about fame or being known or getting awards. It’s about doing everything he loves to do and sharing his passion with the world.