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‘One facet that uplifts the movie in many places is the great cinematography and wonderful depiction of beautiful Kodaikanal’ - Galatta Cinema


Pugaippadam (English: Photograph) is a 2010 Indian Tamil-language memoir-drama film written and directed by newcomer Rajesh Lingam, starring Priya Anand of Vaamanan fame along with 6 newcomers, namely Amzath Khan, Harish, Sivam, Nandha, Mrinalini and Yamini, in lead roles.

'Pugaipadam' is yet another campus love story which tries to make it with the time tested formulas. The good thing is that it succeeded to a fair extent being close to reality and avoided many clichés usually seen in campus love stories.

The credible twists in the story and an unpredictable climax of the film are some things not seen before. The director has maintained a good tempo throughout the film. The film tries to be honest and keeps you engaged.

Set against the lush background of the evergreen Kodaikanal, the movie describes the college life of 7 students. We have used the natural, vibrant and soft lights of Kodai in an effort to create a visually stunning effect and convey the cool chilly atmosphere of this magical place. Shot on ‘Super 16mm’. A heart-warming story is intrinsically woven into the plot of the film. This was not only my first film but was the first venture for the director as well. The songs have all been filmed in the natural light of Kodaikanal. Some of the breathtaking sun-sets and twilight scenes have been captured for eternity for the film.

Production Company: Boyz Studio / Mayabazaar Cinemas
Directed: Rajesh Lingam
Produced: N. C. Manekandan
Written: Rajesh Lingam
Starring: Harish, Priya Anand, Amzath Khan, Sivam, Nandha, Mrinalini, Yamini
Music: Gangai Amaran
Cinematography: Vijay Armstrong
Edited: B. Lenin


‘The camera has been handled very well, capturing the scenic beauty of the landscape’ - BehindWoods

PUGAIPPADAM - Vaan Nilavudhaan
Video Song

‘Vijay Armstrong's camera work is commendable’ - The Hindu