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‘Vijay Armstrong has done a cool job with the camera in the number of car chase scenes that the story demands. His work is also neat in one roof top chase sequence featuring Thaman and a mercenary who tries to kill Arundhati. The numerous scenes featuring the lead pair have also been shot at close-ups to capture the mood and expressions well’


'Thottal Thodarum' is a 2015 Tamil romantic thriller film written and directed by noted critic and writer Cable Sankar. The film features Thaman Kumar and Arundhati in the lead roles, while Vincent Asokan plays a supporting role.[1] It was released on 23 January 2015.

The film is all about two strangers (Thaman, Arundathi) who initiate their conversation through prank phone calls and slowly develop a romantic interest. Mean time, Arundathi has been chased by cold-blooded criminals who murder people through a technique called orchestrated accident. Now, how Thaman saves Arundhathi from the mysterious yet dangerous gang forms the crux of the story.

Production: FCS Creations, Thuvar Chandrasekar 
Cast: Thaman Kumar, Arundhati, Vincent Asokan
Direction : Cable Sankar
Cinematography: Vijay Armstrong 
Music: P. C. Shivan
Editing: Sai Arun
Art direction: S.S.Moorthy

Official Theatrical Trailer

‘‘PROS: The camera angles, especially for the chase scenes and scenes where a sense of thrill was required was good.The use of gadgets like go pro and heli-cams was noticeable’ - Kaushik Sathish

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‘The extensive kidnapping sequence in the 2nd half involving the school kids, followed by a little chase with a policeman, is the film's best sequence. DoP Vijay Armstrong's work and the edits for this sequence are engaging and involve us in the proceedings.’